Tribute Wall of Remembrance and Hope

A tribute gift is a meaningful and special way to memorialize a loved one, commemorate a special occasion or honor a person’s legacy. Tribute gifts are lasting commitments to The Butterfly Project’s mission and ensure our financial strength for future generations. With a generous and tax-deductible gift, the person of note will receive a detailed, handwritten note commemorating the gift.


Jeremy, Alexis and Ila Wahl and Aron Wahl, Emily Kramer and Olive

To our kinderlech,

In memory of your grandparents and great-grandparents and
In honor of our precious children and granddaughters

With love and hugs,
Grandma Ruth and Papa Keith

Diane Strum

In honor of Izzy and Joni Flaum -Thinking of you and hoping Noah returns to good health

Diane Strum

In honor of Jeffery Geisner- Thinking about you and hoping you are on the road to recovery

Diane Strum

In honor of Esther Hogue-Thinking of you and your husband

Diane Strum

In honor of Kenny Ohlbaum-Thinking of you and hoping you are adjusting to your “new” normal

Diane Strum

In honor of Arlene and Bob Keeyes-Thinking of you both as you move through this challenge

Joy Rothberger

❤️ In honor of Dianne Shapp

Dear Dianne,  Happy 65th to the beautiful lady who still looks like a teenager! What’s your secret – all that pickerball with a dose of your generous heart supporting The Butterfly Project! Yes we still love and need you to make us smile and laugh at the ripe OLD age of 65 💕 Love, Joy ❤️

Jodi Stolove 

To Howard and Iris Kornberg and Family- Our deepest condolences on the loss of your mother. May you be filled with many blessed memories that will live on in you forever. Sending love, Jodi, Lawrence, and Amber

In Honor of Bob Ganz from Rhoda Schlamm 

Tonight I just heard Bob Gans speak about his family’s history at the Holocaust Living History Workshop at UC San Diego. He suggested that we contribute to your great work to keep the memories of that dreadful time alive and educate many more people about it so it won’t keep happening in our world .

Geri Schaevel 

In honor of Cheryl Rattner Price’s good work and for Keren-Dee’s assuming the position of Executive Director and taking The Butterfly Project into the future. Geri and Don (z”l) Schaevel

To: The Savitsky Family

In memory of your beloved Debbie

From Fran Miller

To Esther Katz

Thinking of you every day and hoping you will return to good health soon.

Love, Diane 

Karen Levenson

In honor of our beautiful friend, Esther. She was such a caring, good person. We will miss her forever, as will anyone who she touched, with her comedy, her yiddishkeit, her intelligence, integrity and her lover for her family. Our hearts are broken. 🦋💔


To the family of Esther Katz-Aaron Hewitson and family and Mark Taylor-In Memory of-Esther was a member of our 2nd Generation group, a member of the Yiddish group and a volunteer for The Butterfly Project. We knew her to be warm, kind, vibrant, beautiful and funny. She spoke often of her wonderful family that meant the world to her. I loved hearing her speak Yiddish and since I’m also a redhead we had much in common. May her memory be a blessing to all who knew her. Deepest sympathy


In memory of Esther Katz

Blanca DiLeo

In Memory of Esther Katz, My you rest in peace ❤️❤️❤️ you were a dynamic force in this world, and I had the pleasure of knowing you🥰

Deborah Koslovic

In Honor of  my father, George A. Whitfield, who served in World War II. He was a medic and helped many people throughout his time serving in the European theater.

To Rosalie and Martin Charlat and Family

In Loving Memory of your mother. With friendship and our deepest condolences, Jodi, Larry, and Amber

Diane Strum

In honor of Karen and Ron Levenson-Thinking of you and your family, and knowing that Jaedyn will return to good health

Diane Strum

In honor of Sonia Fox Ohlbaum-Get well soon. We rely on you for all you do.

Joseph and Hanna Fox

In Honor of Bob Gans for your upcoming Birthday-Bob- Bob, wishing you a happy upcoming 75th birthday. Joe & Hanna Fox

Cheryl Hammerman

In Honor of Judi Gottschalk

Wendy Tayer

In honor of Dianne Shapp

Happiest of Birthdays to you, GF! Thrilled to donate to such a meaningful cause in honor of you!

From Wendy Tayer

Jodi Stolove

Honoring and Remembering my Dad on what would be his 102nd birthday.

To Bob Ganz

Dear Bob, Something to honor your parents of blessed memory and in celebration of your 75th birthday. May your good work continue in good health and from strength to strength. With love, Robin Samit

In Honor of Bob Ganz, from Arlene and Bob Keeyes

Dear Bob, This tribute is in honor of your 75th birthday. We’re so happy we could celebrate with you. We wish you much health, happiness and many more birthdays to come. Warmest regards, Arlene and Bob Keeyes

Bob Ganz

In Honor of your Birthday

Sonia Fox Ohlbaum and Kenneth Ohlbaum

Karen Reb Rudel

In appreciation of Karen’s virtual moderation of our film festival event. She added so much to the experience! TBE Sisterhood

From Lisa Brosofsky

Rachel Holtzman

In Memory of Lila and Israel Pakier

Scott Bitterman

In honor of Peace

Linda and Robby Savitch

In Honor of Bob Gans, In honor of your 75th birthday.

Michael Winkelman

In honor of Esther Katz – In this way may the Joy continue

Sari and Lloyd Miller and family

Ron and Marlene Caudill in memory of sister Esther Katz 

Dear Caudill and Hewitt families- may Esther’s memory be a shining light and a blessing forever. Our thoughts and prayers are with you all.

Joyce Frisco

In Memory of Esther was a special woman to do many…in her memory


Updated June 3, 2024



In memory of Sue Rosenblatt

In honor and memory of an amazing woman, mother, sister and friend. She will be missed.


To Sheila Nerad

Dear Sheila, I cherish our friendship of over 50 years. My only regret is that we no longer live in the same place. Buddy & I both wish you a very happy, healthy wonderful special birthday & look forward to seeing you next month. Much love, Sugar

Pam Bosworth

In honor of Jan Landau

Just to celebrate all you do. Happy 2023 Love, Pam

Dover Tubular Alloys, Inc

In memory of Joseph Rattner

Stuart and Rosalie Edelstein

In honor of Sheila Nerad’s 85th Birthday

Lynn Kebow

In memory of Duke Kebow

Honoring your dedication to education, integrity and justice, Dear Dad. I miss your presence, our conversations, your love and support. Thank you, always.

Marilyn and Richard Kandel

To Ben and Amy and the Schindler family. For the loss of Rose. May her memory be a blessing.

Fran Madley

In loving memory of Rose Schindler

Francis Miller

To Kate and Dennis De Sanctis

In memory of your brother, Gary.

From Aunt Francis

Beverly Rosen

In honor/memory of Gabriel and Anya Rosen Ahmed

Paul Ryan

In Honor of Maureen Lighthall

Happy New Year Mom!! Always so important to remember and recognize those who came before us and made everything possible. Your art is inspirational!! Love, Paul & Ryan Family

Lois Morris

IIn Honor of Sheila Nerad’s birthday

Pam Yohlin

To Hilary Paige Waller, Happy birthday. Hilary! All our love, Mom and Dad

Stuart and Rosalie Edelstein

In Honor of Sheila Nerad’s Birthday

Carla Clark

2022-23 5th Grade Social Studies Class c/o Mrs. Kelli Howard High Hill Elementary School -Thank you for your creativity while learning about a time when children’s talents and hopes for the future were taken away because they were different. Art is different and your butterflies were different, but just like each one of you, they were BEAUTIFUL

Stanley Kornfeld

To Leslee Willis: Happy Birthday to our wonderful daughter and amazing woman! Love from Dad and Marilyn

Iser and Joan Flaum

In honor of Israel Independence Day

Stacey Layton

To Paul Halpern-Happy 90th birthday Uncle Paul! You are a true survivor in so many ways! Cheers to you and the love, light and joy you have brought to so many after you endured such a challenging start to your life. We love you and admire you! Love Stacey, Dave, Ethan, Kate and Anna

Lee Goldberg

In memory of Frank Goldberg


In honor of Michelle

Teresa Tande

In memory of Sabina S. Zimering-the first Holocaust Survivor I ever met.

Tali Abramson

In memory of Rose Schindler. To a brave woman who inspired so many

Marcie Siegel McCauley

In honor of Tawanda Turner Brown. For being an important person in my life.


In memory of Charles Fuchs

Sandra Cummings

In Memory of Beatrice M Katz

To my beautiful mother who loved children and taught us to be kind, loving, and giving.


In Honor of Sheryl Gross. Happy Milestone Birthday to an incredible mom, wife, Bubbie, and retired elementary school teacher. You have inspired and helped shape many young lives throughout the past decades and have a meaningful desire to contribute to the ongoing importance of education about the Holocaust during World War 2. Especially during these current times when antisemitism is so alive in our world, it is even more pertinent for next generations of all faiths to learn about the collective Jewish ancestry and to honor the memory of the 1.5 million children who tragically lost their lives simply for being Jewish. We must never forget. We love you! Love, Your Daughter, Son-in-law, and Granddaughter

Barbara Wallace Grossman

In honor of Cheryl Rattner Price

Thank you, Cheryl, for all the good work you do through this wonderful project. I wasn’t able to use it in my course this fall but hope to bring it back next fall. To light, joy and peace in 2024.

Dennis Servetter

To Roxanne -In memory of Rose Schindler,In memory of a strong woman who stood up to, and fought injustice and intolerance. May her legacy continue.❤️

David Servetter

Roxanne and Norm

Teresa and I are sending you our condolences, love, and prayers to both of you for having lost your moms within the same week. I know their lives and memories will live on in your hearts and minds. Love , David & Teresa

Rachel and Jeff Schindler

In honor of Rose Schindler and Max Schindler (z”l) of blessed memory Dear mom/Baba. We are making this donation to the Butterfly Project in your honor. Keep “telling the world”! We love you very much.

Jodi Stolove

To Gail Stolove, In lasting memory of our beloved and brilliant Dad!

Jodi Stolove

Ben and Amy Shindler and Family

Sending Love and Condolences to all of Rose’s family. We were so blessed to have known her. Rose’s warmth and gracious ways enriched us all. We will keep her in our hearts forever. May your memories be sweet and may time help you heal. With our love and deepest sympathy, Jodi, Lawrence, and Amber Bartlett

Keith and Ruth Wahl

Aron Emily, Olive, Jeremy, Alexis and Ila

In memory of your grandparents and great grandparents and in honor of our children and granddaughters

Jeffrey Weisman

To Deborah Chorney

Happy birthday, love you Jeff

Josh Wortman

In honor of the families of my beloved grand parents, Siegfried and Martha (Zaidman) Bohensky

Lauren Wolk

In memory of Rose Schindler

May her memory always be a blessing <3

Sending you love!

Lauren Wolk-to Shannah Katz

Sending you lots of hugs. May her memory always be for a blessing <3

Joan Balfour

In honor of Judi Hannes Mendelsohn-Thank you Judi for all the wonderful work you do to make our world a better place!!!

David & Amy Cymberg

In honor of Arlene & Bob Keeyes-Happy 50th anniversary to Arlene and Bob Keeyes! Mazel tov! Wishing you many more happy and healthy years ahead! With love, David and Amy

Dorothy Lasensky

In memory of Fanny Leibovits

Emily Dedeker

In honor of The Creator of the Butterfly Project and its Website

Nancy & Alan Spector

in honor of Judi Gottschalk

Susan Shmalo

In honor of Cheryl Rattner Price

Dear Cheryl, L’ Shana Tovah and

Continued best wishes!!  🦋

Warmly, Susan Shmalo

Aaron Landau

In Honor of Jan Landau-In honor of all your amazing accomplishments and being recognized as a Women of Valor this year. Love Aaron, Bea, Ari & Benny


In Memory of Janice and David Markowitz

Carol Benton

To celebrate a birthday. Happy birthday Cheryl. A privilege and an honor to be your friend and celebrate all the good work you do .. and lots more too! Love, Carol

Jodi Stolov

Barbi Dorfan and Family

Dear Barbi and Family, Our deepest condolences on the passing of your dear mother. May her memory be a lating source of comfort and a blessing forever and always. Love and hugs, Jodi, Larry, and Amber


In memory of Josek and Sari Zajd

Marcia Kern

In loving memory of Clara Weiss Stern and Samuel Katz, parents of Marty Stern who survived the Holocaust and gave us this precious life.

Danny Recht

In Honor of Pearl Recht

Richard and Wanda Lindroos

In Memory of Wanda Lindroos

Ruth McCallan 

In Memory of Josef and Faye Schwarz

In blessed memory of my parents.

Sharon Gorevitz

In Honor of Sonia Fox-Ohlbaum

Thank you for your commitment to the Butterfly Project and for sharing your stories. Sharon Gorevitz

Paul, Jen, Samantha, Jacob

In Honor of Maureen Lighthall 

Happy Holidays Mom!! Such an important organization to support, now more important than ever to ensure we all remember what happened and make sure it never happens again!! Love, Paul, Jen, Samantha, and Jacob

Updated December 31, 2023