Leslee Willes

Leslee Willes,
Member of Board of Directors

LesleeLeslee attended a small Jewish Day School as a child in Charlotte, NC, and her family was very involved in the Jewish community. She grew up with a deep sense of spiritual belonging in her family and friendships, and experienced the challenges and triumphs of growing up Jewish in the Southeast. Leslee’s commitment to The Butterfly Project began in 2006 at its inception and she was hooked from the beginning. Leslee and her family have been involved with creating butterflies, installations at SDJA and Sderot Israel, events at the Museum of Tolerance and presentations with Holocaust survivors.
Leslee was instrumental in getting The Butterfly Project to Charlotte, NC, where the Charlotte JCC created biggest installation to date of it’s own accord. Leslee sees her contribution to this board in all areas of data collection and analysis assessing the impact of the project in classrooms and communities, and ways to improve our program.
Leslee holds a master’s degree in Biostatistics, is President of Willes Consulting Group, Inc., and is a certified herbalist, fulfilling her passion for the earth, native plants, holistic healing and the spiritual connection of everyone on this planet.

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