Barbara Ostroff

Barbara Ostroff,
Member of Board of Directors

DSC02499Barbara is the daughter of Holocaust survivors Max and Lili Bialar z”l, and has always embraced their love of yiddishkeit and their pride in Jewish history. Barbara was born and raised in Brooklyn, however Barbara’s father Max insisted that they speak Yiddish at home. As a result, while growing up, she got to hear her family’s stories of survival in the camps as they casually spoke of what they went through, making her a witness to more than she realized. This fueled her commitment to be involved in the Jewish community and live a Jewish life.
Barbara was blessed to return to Pultusk, Poland with her mom Lili and participate in the March of the Living with her. This experience, plus being surrounded by survivors all her life, inspired her to be committed to “Never Again!” Barbara’s two daughters were actively involved in Chabad and attended SDJA, receiving their Jewish education in the hope that if they “know where they come from, they will know where they are going.”
Barbara is involved with many local Jewish organizations and is currently the Chairperson for the San Diego Community Yom Ha Shoah Commemoration, sits on the Board of the Friends of the Israel Defense Forces and is involved with Stand With Us. She is passionate about working with people to “remember, honor and teach”, something The Butterfly Project does so well!

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