Guidelines to Participate

While we want each individual, group or community to make it their own, we do have specific standards and expectations that we ask you to abide by. To join The Butterfly Project community, we respectfully ask that all individual and group participants email us a signed licensing agreement, submit payment of our $75 licensing fee (pay here) (schools are exempted from this fee due to the generous support from our donors) and agree to the following guidelines:

All butterfly events should include an educational component. This can be something as simple as using our biography cards and curriculum on our website to set the context. We encourage all participants to invite a Holocaust survivor to speak at the event whenever possible, or use a video to show a survivor’s testimony (see links below for resources). Common educational components that can be used are:

It is important to ensure that all educational components are age appropriate. It is our practice that Holocaust education not begin until 5th grade. For children younger than that age, we use other materials to teach tolerance and acceptance without referencing the Holocaust specifically.

All butterflies painted should be included in a display or installation shown in the community. This does not have to be permanent and can be temporary if needed. The purpose of this display is to share The Butterfly Project’s message with the community and display the butterflies in honor of the children whose lives were lost in the Holocaust.

The butterflies should be displayed a meaningful way that will show them in a respectful manner. Each display or installation, whether permanent or temporary, should include a copy of The Butterfly Project’s memorial plaque to share our message of remembrance and hope. Please contact us for a template of this plaque.

All participants are encouraged to be active members The Butterfly Project Community, which includes:

  • Sending pictures of your butterfly event and the final display to us
  • Allowing us to use those images for our website
  • Joining us on social media and spreading the word by sharing The Butterfly Project through your own social media:
    1. Like us on Facebook
    2. Follow us on Twitter at @TBPNow
  • Sharing your success stories with us on Facebook and other sites
  • Helping us grow our community by inviting as much of your own community as possible to participate in your butterfly event
  • Making your butterfly participation ongoing by repeating it every year and making it a tradition for your community

Please email your signed licensing agreement to

Licensing Agreement

We thank you from the bottom of our hearts for your efforts to join our community. It is only through your help and support that we will reach our goal and transform the lives of many.

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