Survivor Stories

The Butterfly Project is honored to share these courageous stories from some of San Diego’s local Holocaust survivor community. These stories contain messages of hope, highlight the power of one person to make a difference, and show us the possibility for transformation after unimaginable tragedy. These survivors share these stories here as way for all students to have access to this remarkable oral history.

The inclusion of z”l after a name indicates that this survivor is no longer with us.

Holocaust Survivor Adele Beim (with daughter Eva)

Holocaust Survivor Horst z”l Cahn

Holocaust Survivor Dr. Edith Eva Eger

Holocaust Survivor Francheska Gelbart

Holocaust Survivor Fanny Krasner-Lebovits

Holocaust Survivor Morris z”l Liebermensch

Holocaust Survivor Hanna Marx

Holocaust Survivor Ben Midler

Holocaust Survivor Edith Palkowitz

Holocaust Survivors Rose & Max z”l Schindler

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