Classroom Visit Preparation

We are so excited to be bringing The Butterfly Project programming to your classroom. In preparation for this visit, please follow the steps below.​

RESPONSE SHEET (need: one per student)

During the Education Team’s visit, your students will be asked to reflect on what they have learned and why learning these lessons is important. This response sheet has been created for our Education Team to use with your students to help them with this reflection activity.

Printing Instructions

The pdf is designed to be printed on regular letter-size paper (8.5″ x 11″). Please print out one response sheet for every student who will be in the classroom during the Education Team’s visit. 

Download the Proclamation

PROCLAMATION (need: one per classroom)

After your group finishes the lessons and paints their butterflies, they have become official members of The Butterfly Project community. As a member of our community, we encourage every student to sign this proclamation and pledge to treat each other with kindness and dignity as we live lives of incredible freedom. Some teachers like to hang this proclamation up in their classroom for the rest of the year as a reminder for students.

Printing Instructions
The pdf is designed to be printed on ledger-size paper (11″x17″). Most teachers prefer to laminate their proclamation so it can be hung in the classroom after students have signed it (with a sharpie marker!).

Download the Response Sheet


The Butterfly Project supplies the ceramic butterflies, biography cards, glazes, and paint brushes. We kindly request that each school provides following materials for the activity:

Paper plates – one per student

Plastic cups filled with water – 2 per student (small) or 4 per student (large)

Paper towels – 2 rolls per classroom

Newspapers – one sheet per student desk (optional)

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