Order A Kit, Licensing Fee, or Film Screening

Bring The Butterfly Project to your community or classroom.

Teachers, families, and communities often join together in small groups to participate in The Butterfly Project, which often snowballs into larger and more frequent events to reach a goal of hundreds or thousands of butterflies. There are three ways to join The Butterfly Project’s work – through our butterfly kits, our documentary film, NOT The Last Butterfly, or by making your own butterflies and purchasing a licensing fee. The Butterfly Project’s pre-made kits, our documentary film, and making your own butterflies provide a powerful way to engage small and large groups in activism and learning.

Our kits are a gentle way to bring hope and beauty to Holocaust education and other social-justice related events. They can also can help you commemorate loved ones, including Bar/Bat Mitzvah, birthday, or special occasion gifts for children who wish to become a voice for a child that was lost.

Order kits for your family, classroom, or community event and join The Butterfly Project’s worldwide community.

Order butterfly kits, licensing fees, and/or film screenings


What comes in a butterfly kit?

Our butterfly kits are designed to be a turn-key teaching tool to use for small and medium-size groups, and come with everything you need, including:

  • 36 ceramic butterflies for painting or glazing
  • Glazes in various colors (acrylic paints are available for those who do not have access to a kiln to fire glazed butterflies)
  • Paintbrushes
  • 36 unique bio cards that tell the story of an individual child who died in the Holocaust

After purchasing your kit, please review our guidelines for participation so you know what we require of all participants.


Cost of butterfly kits

Our butterfly kits are $180/kit, but through generous funding from our donors, we are able to offer subsidized kit rates of $80/kit specifically to teachers and educators who would like their students to take part in The Butterfly Project. Kits are shipped within the US through the USPS for a flat rate of $22.95 per kit. European orders are shipped from Germany, and the cost of shipping is included in the purchase price of the kit. For other international shipping rates, please contact us directly. If you are an educator who needs to use a PO Number to order your kit(s), please use this order form.


The Butterfly Project is able to provide limited scholarships to schools unable to secure funding. If you are unable to secure funding for butterfly kit(s) through your school, PTA, or a crowd-funding site like Donors Choose, you are welcome to apply for a scholarship for butterfly kit(s).

Licensing Fees

If you will be making your own butterflies, we respectfully request that you submit payment for our licensing fee to become an official participant in The Butterfly Project and ensure that your butterflies are included in our official butterfly count.

Through generous funding from The Butterfly Project donations, we are able to offer a subsidized licensing fee specifically to teachers and educators in  the public school sector. Please select the appropriate option on our order form to submit payment for the one-time screening allowance licensing fee to show NOT The Last Butterfly at your event.

To maintain the integrity and continuity of this project on an international scale, we ask that you please respect our guidelines of participation when participating in The Butterfly Project.

When ordering your butterfly kits, we kindly ask that you adhere to our nominal licensing fee as well. Please read more about the purpose and intention of this fee here and be sure to add the fee to your cart before checking out. Through generous funding from our donors, The Butterfly Project is able to waive the licensing fee for any school or classroom purchasing kits. If you will be making your own butterflies, we do ask you to pay a nominal licensing fee. Click here for more information.

If you are interested in doing large-scale butterfly painting events and/or creating a large butterfly installation, and would like to inquire about ordering ceramic butterflies in bulk (1,800+), please contact us directly.


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