A Letter From New Executive Director, Keren-Dee Hamui

As I write this first letter to you, as the new Executive Director of The Butterfly Project, I am thrilled to continue the incredible work initiated by our Founding Executive Director, Cheryl Rattner Price, and co-founder Jan Landau. Over the past 18 years, this grassroots program has gained national and global recognition. I am filled with excitement and determination to share with you my deepest intentions to preserve the values and greatly amplify the impact of The Butterfly Project. I am humbled and inspired to step into this leadership role and work closely with Cheryl and Jan together with our staff, Board and Education Team to strengthen the organizational capacity of The Butterfly Project. 

I do not take lightly the seriousness of this moment as we witness the relentless incidents of antisemitism, Holocaust denial, and hate-fueled bullying against other marginalized groups in our communities.  We must take action now. 

Imagine if you could wake up tomorrow knowing that your donation has made it possible for an entire school or district to get this education.

We must provide the tools to train teachers and educate young people so that they never forget the lessons of history. Illuminating the dangers of indifference, as noted by Albert Einstein, will empower them to become the hope for a better future.

Teachers are flooding us with requests to get butterfly kits out urgently as they face rising incidents of hatred and bullying in their schools. Your donation is an investment that turns indifference into informed and courageous social responsibility. At the core of our work is the empowerment of students to become agents of positive change. Through our engaging lessons, interactive resources, and encounters with Holocaust survivors and their descendants, students are equipped with the tools to become courageous upstanders.

Our program has reached over 350,000 participants—an achievement to be celebrated—but we must do more. Countless teachers and students are without access to our program, and your contributions directly provide more teacher training, increase school participation and support our organizational capacity. 

Please contact me at Kerendee@thebutterflyprojectnow.org to explore ways to contribute to our mission or be involved. To make a donation to The Butterfly Project, please visit this page. Your partnership is invaluable, and we are profoundly grateful for your support.

With heartfelt gratitude and warm regards,

Keren-Dee Hamui