Survivor Mural at Jewish Family Service of San Diego

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Since 1945, Jewish Family Service of San Diego has been and continues to be a vital support system for Holocaust survivors in San Diego. After more than 4 years of careful planning, The Butterfly Project and Jewish Family Service are thrilled to reveal the Remembrance and Hope mural, an installation showing San Diego Holocaust survivors’ stories through symbolism, artifacts, photos, butterflies, reflection space, digital components and more. This installation was created by Cheryl Rattner Price, Executive Director of The Butterfly Project, who felt deeply honored for the opportunity to represent our local Holocaust survivors in this way. It is a chance for community members and leadership to commit more than ever to educating and empowering young people to stand up to injustice and create a more peaceful world. Thank you to JFS’s Susan Cohn, Sol Kempinski, and Michael Hopkins, an artist’s dream team who made this a priority in our community. So proud of our Jewish Family Service of San Diego for all they do. Thank you to everyone who came and wanted to come, we will make future mini tours together! Please email us if you would like a tour to see the mural.
Statement from Jewish Family Service of San Diego
At Jewish Family Service of San Diego, a unique space on the Joan and Irwin Jacobs Campus showcases the stories of San Diego Holocaust Survivors. At the heart of “Remembrance and Hope” is artwork by Cheryl Rattner Price that reminds us of our responsibility to heal and repair the world. Through photographs, family artifacts, ceramic butterflies from The Butterfly Project, a digital museum, and an interactive whiteboard, it encourages everyone who walks past to reflect, remember, and renew their promise of Never Again.
Pictures from Dedication Ceremony

Artist Cheryl Rattner Price with Holocaust survivor Rose Schindler and son Jeff Schindler.


Kids from the Liebermensch and Jacobson families look at the installation.


Recht family.



Hamui Family representing Lou Dunst z”l of blessed memory.


Liebermensch and Jacobson Family.


Sonia Fox-Ohlbaum (member of TBP Education Team), Jan Landau (TBP Co-Founder and head of Education Team), and Cheryl Rattner Price (Artist and TBP Co-Founder/Executive Director) stand with Holocaust survivor Rose Schindler.


Joe Fox and Sonia Fox Ohlbaum (member of TBP’s Education Team) point to a photo of their father David as a child before the war.


L to R Michael Hopkins, CEO of JFS San Diego, Cheryl, Susan Cohn and Sol Kempinski- the team that conceived and developed this art into a reality over the course of 5 years.


Author: Cheryl Rattner Price

Cheryl Rattner Price has over 30 years experience in ceramics, sculpture and architectural design, creating public art that brings communities together for a cause. In addition to her work as Co-Founder and Executive Director of The Butterfly Project, she has been a pioneer for San Diego’s Anti Defamation League (ADL) Holocaust Education Conferences, particularly developing Holocaust survivor relationships with educators and students. Passionate about art, education and tolerance, board memberships include The Agency for Jewish Education and San Diego Center for Jewish Culture (JCC/CJC). Her role has expanded globally, coaching educators and artists to create impact and meaning through the effective use of The Butterfly Project for people of all faiths. Read more about Cheryl Rattner Price

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