The Butterfly Project Resources

Below you will find digital copies of our biography cards, proclamation, and plaque template to use with your group. When you begin this project with your participants, we hope you will use the biography cards and proclamation to pause and reflect with your group on the heart-centered purpose of The Butterfly Project. These resources are designed to help your group engage in this project in an effort to remember the past, act responsibly in the present and create a more peaceful future.

Biography Cards

TBP biography card pdf.

Click the image to download the pdf.

These biography cards are a tool to offer every participant a brief glimpse into the life of a child that was killed in the Holocaust. The biography cards are to be handed out to everyone prior to their painting of a butterfly, allowing them to connect personally to a child they can memorialize. You may choose to distribute these face down to show the inspirational quote that demonstrates the power of one person to make a difference.
Printing Instructions
The pdf is designed to print the biography on the front and the quote on the back. To do that, set your printer to “two-sided” and “short-edge binding” setting in Layout. You can always print each page separately and hand out a quote card with a bio card, too!


Click the image to download the pdf.

Click the image to download the pdf.

After your group finishes the lessons and paints their butterflies, they have become official members of The Butterfly Project community. As a member of our community, we encourage participants to sign this proclamation and pledge to treat each other with kindness and dignity as we live lives of incredible freedom.
Printing Instructions
The pdf is designed to be printed on ledger-size paper (11″x17″). Most teachers prefer to laminate their proclamation so it can be hung in the classroom after students have signed it (with a sharpie marker!).

Firing/Kiln Instructions

Click the image to download the pdf.

Click the image to download the pdf.

Once your butterfly painting event is finished, follow these instructions to fire your butterflies.



Click the image to download the picture.

This is an example of a plaque that has been used to acknowledge The Butterfly Project in a butterfly installation. When you prepare to create an installation on your site, please use the verbiage from this plaque.


Share Your Story

We always like to highlight the work of our participants. Once your students have had their lessons, painted butterflies and installations are being created, please send us photos, stories and press so that we can include you and your school in The Butterfly Project community, both on our Facebook Page and on our interactive map on our website that shows all of the states and countries that The Butterfly Project has traveled to.

We are so honored that your group is joining us in our mission. Please spread the word and help us to reach our goal of 1.5 million butterflies displayed worldwide. Thank you for your commitment to creating a better world!